Botox Solution for TMJ at Midtown Manhattan Dentist Office NYC

TMJ Dentist Midtown ManhattanAn innovative and effective treatment for TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is here!  Botox® can ease painful muscle cramping, as well as clenching & grinding of the patient’s teeth.  These common symptoms associated with TMJ  may benefit from the injection of Botox®.  Dental patients suffering from TMJ who have received this treatment have reported amazing results with some patients even getting instantaneous relief.

In cases in which the TMJ is brought on by the presence of muscle spasms the Botox® procedure has been extremely effective in bringing relief to dental patients.  The Botox® treatment also provides an atmosphere in which other non-invasive dental treatments can work more effectively.

Botox® has the ability to relax muscles.  This is a great help to patients experiencing TMJ because their muscles are so tight.  TMJ can be better approached once the muscles are relaxed, allowing for other dental treatments to be performed.

Botox® dental treatments are non-surgical.  The Botox® is injected into the jaw muscle.  The procedure is quick and easy and the recovery time is very short.  Botox® treatment has no harmful side effects to the dental patient.

If you are someone you know is suffering from TMJ, make a dental appointment with Dr. Simkha.  Call Prestige Dental today at (212) 683-4330.  To get more dental tips and to find out how to keep your teeth looking great, be sure to check the Dental 5 Star blog regularly.  If you would like to have that great smile that you’ve always dreamed of, call Dr. Simkha at Prestige Dental or visit us online at to find out more information about Invisalign, dental veneers and many other dental procedures that can help give you that winning smile!

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