1-800-DENTIST choice NY Dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha Performs Best Dental Extractions in NY

Dental Implants New York City
NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha, who owns the NY dental office Prestige Dental, is a NY NY dentist specializing in cosmetic and surgical dentistry. Examples of dental procedures that NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha can perform include dental implants, tooth bleaching, tooth crowns, and dental extractions. To find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants, dental extractions, tooth bleaching, or tooth crowns, simply call Dr. Simkha’s Midtown Manhattan Dentist Office at 212.683.4330 or Upper East Side Dentist Office at 212.249.3399 to schedule a dental consultation.
Dental Extractions
Dental extractions are one amongst the many cosmetic and surgical dental procedures that NY NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha can perform. Dental extractions, also known as tooth extractions, are a dental procedure that NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha might have to perform for several reasons including, but not limited to: misalignment of teeth, damage to a tooth, or tooth decay. Visit NY NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha at her NY dental office to find out if you have malpositioned, nonfunctional, or damaged teeth that need to be extracted.
A common cause for NY NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha to remove an undamaged tooth is malpositioned teeth. For example, if wisdom teeth are in unable to erupt do to other teeth being in the way, NY NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha might perform a dental extraction on the wisdom teeth in order to prevent pain.
Midtown Manhattan dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha might also have to extract wisdom teeth if the tooth has no opposing tooth to bite against. Another reason that Dr. Simkha might extract a tooth is if it is impacted. An impacted tooth is misaligned so that the tooth cannot erupt into normal alignment. If you have any of these problems, visit 1-800-DENTIST choice dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha at her Midtown Manhattan dental office.
If you are interesting in having a wonderful smile and keeping your teeth healthy, you should make a dental appointment with Dr. Simkha. Call Prestige Dental today at (212) 683-4330. To get more dental tips and to find out how to keep your teeth looking great, be sure to check the Dental 5 Star bog regularly. If you would like to have that great smile that you’ve always dreamed of, call Dr. Simkha at Prestige Dental or visit us online at http://dental5star.com to find out more information about Invisalign, dental veneers and many other dental procedures that can help give you that winning smile!

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