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Even with good oral hygiene, it is possible for someone to still not have perfectly white teeth. NY NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha is aware of this and can offer tooth bleaching (also called tooth whitening) as a solution to stained or darkened teeth. NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha knows that every day enamel gets stained, either via the formation of a coating, called pellicle, on the enamel or via staining of the pores on a tooth’s surface. When teeth hare stained, tooth bleaching may become necessary.
Tooth bleaching, or tooth whitening, is frequently necessitated by tobacco use, drinking dark liquids, or poor dental hygiene. Teeth also tend to grow darker with age, which leads many to seek tooth whitening solutions from NY NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha at her NY dental office.
NY NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha can also use tooth bleaching to remove intrinsic stains, or stains inside a tooth. While tooth bleaching is more effective on surface stains, NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha can still remove some intrinsic stains with tooth bleaching at her NY dental office.
If you are interesting in having a wonderful smile and keeping your teeth healthy, you should make a dental appointment with Dr. Simkha. Call Prestige Dental today at (212) 683-4330. To get more dental tips and to find out how to keep your teeth looking great, be sure to check the Dental 5 Star bog regularly. If you would like to have that great smile that you’ve always dreamed of, call Dr. Simkha at Prestige Dental or visit us online at http://dental5star.com to find out more information about Invisalign, dental veneers and many other dental procedures that can help give you that winning smile!

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