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Cosmetic Dentist in Midtown Manhattan

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

dentist.png”>Best Dentist NYCNY NY Dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha
NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha is a NY dental specialist who emphasizes cosmetic and surgical dentistry. One of the best dentists in NY, NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha can apply dental implants and tooth crowns, and performs tooth bleaching and dental extractions. Visit NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha at her NY dental office if you need tooth bleaching, dental implants, tooth crowns, or a dental extraction.
Tooth Crowns
Tooth crowns, also called dentist crowns, are a protective covering that NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha can apply to damaged, vulnerable, or malformed teeth. Tooth crowns are similar to fillings in some respects, but dentist crowns go over the top of the tooth, rather than into the middle of the tooth.
Dental Implants
Dental Implants are false teeth which dentists use to replace missing teeth. NY Dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha can install dental implants, which give both the cosmetic benefit of a complete smile and the health benefits of a fully functional set of teeth.
Dental Extractions
Dental extraction, also called tooth extraction, is the process of removing a damaged, infected, or misaligned tooth from the mouth. NY NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha is an expert in dental extractions, and can replace extracted teeth with dental implants.
Tooth Bleaching
Tooth bleaching is a cosmetic dentistry procedure designed to whiten teeth. NY NY dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha performs tooth bleaching to give her patients the confidence that comes from having perfectly white teeth and an amazing smile.
Contact NY NY Dentist Dr. Yelena Simkha
To find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants, dental extractions, tooth bleaching, or tooth crowns, simply call Dr. Simkha’s Midtown Manhattan Dentist Office at 212.683.4330 or Upper East Side Dentist Office at 212.249.3399 to schedule a dental consultation.