5 Reasons Dental Implants Are Superior To Other Teeth Replacement Options

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5 Reasons Dental Implants Are Superior To Other Teeth Replacement Options

People rarely talk about missing teeth. But, it’s a surprisingly common problem.

In the United States alone, approximately half of all American adults have at least one missing tooth. Worse yet? Roughly 36 million have no teeth at all. Unfortunately, most people consider missing teeth a cosmetic issue. However, having missing teeth can increase your risk of developing other health problems.

Located in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Midtown Manhattan, Yelena Simkha, DDS, of Prestige 5th Avenue Dental can restore your teeth, smile, oral health, and self-confidence with state-of-the-art dental implants, including All-on-4® and All-on-6® solutions. 

If you’re missing one, a couple, or all your teeth, Dr. Simkha has five reasons to consider implants as your tooth replacement option.

1. Nothing is more secure

There are multiple tooth replacement options, such as dentures, which rest on top of your gums, and bridges, which attach to the surrounding teeth. However, dental implants stand apart from these options, because with an implant, a titanium post is embedded into your jawbone. This post functions like a tooth root. Then, an abutment is secured to the top of the post, and an “artificial tooth” or crown is secured to the abutment.

Since implants are anchored securely into your jaw, you don’t have to worry about your new tooth or teeth slipping when you’re eating or talking. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about the uncomfortable sore spots and infections that this slippage can cause. 

Plus, bridges require the supporting teeth to get shaved down. Since implants get supported by the jaw itself, there’s no need to damage the neighboring teeth. 

2. They offer total comfort

Security is only the beginning when it comes to implants. Their shape and fit also make them far more comfortable than dentures. 

The permanent placement of implants means you don’t have to deal with sticky adhesives. You’re also free from worry about food particles getting trapped under a denture plate or bridge. 

And an added bonus? You can eat whatever you want when you have implants, unlike dentures and bridges, which often come with dietary restrictions.

3. You get completely natural results

Dr. Simkha uses state-of-the-art techniques to ensure the tooth-like crown portion of your implant blends in beautifully with your surrounding teeth. 

It’s expertly shaped for optimal symmetry, and it’s tinted to precisely match the natural shade of your teeth. That means when you’re out with family, friends, or colleagues, people will notice your naturally radiant smile.

4. They don’t need special care

Good dental hygiene takes commitment and time. So why would you want to add the extra steps that are needed for dentures or bridges? With implants, you don’t have to.

Since implants fit and function like your natural teeth, that’s exactly how you care for them — with regular brushing, flossing, and dental exams.

5. They protect your jaw health

Your teeth need a healthy foundation to stay securely in place, and that’s where your jaw comes in. And, like bone in any other part of your body, your jawbone remains in a constant state of remodeling. Basically, it’s always replacing old jawbone cells with healthy new bone tissue. 

However, bone remodeling doesn’t happen automatically. Instead, the jaw needs continual stimulation by the tooth roots. If a tooth disappears, that part of the jaw won’t receive the necessary stimulation. As a result, the bone modeling cycle can significantly slow down in that area, which can cause the location to become weak and even shrink, which can affect nearby teeth.

However, with an implant, the post acts like a natural tooth root, so the remodeling process will continue in that area of your jaw.

Don’t ignore a missing tooth

It can be tempting to ignore a missing tooth, especially if it’s not in a highly visible location. But even one missing tooth can lead to additional tooth loss and increase your chances of developing other oral health problems.

Fortunately, dental implants offer a long-lasting solution that’s as close to natural teeth as possible. To learn more about dental implants, call 607-536-8061 or book an appointment online with Prestige 5th Avenue Dental today.